Mt Eliza


The Mount Eliza HPQ project is located on EPM 26702, covering an area of 63 km2, (Fig 1) immediately north of Mount Surprise and 280km northwest of Townsville in Far North Queensland. Within this tenement ASQ have identified a number of large, elevated quartz ridges located at Quartz Hill, Mt Surprise and Mt Eliza.

Mt Eliza Tenement Map

Figure 1: Mt Eliza Project, EPM 26702

ASQ have collected a number of rock chip samples within the project area. These samples have returned results up to 99.98% SiO2 (See Table 1, 2 and 3).

Access to nearby existing road infrastructure is in close proximity to all three locations.



Quartz Hill comprises of a quartz ridge measuring approximately 1.3kms. Previous announcements by ASQ described an historic JORC (2004) quartz resource at Quartz Hill.

The company has completed a heritage survey and land access negotiations. 
Drilling at Quartz Hill was carried out in September 2023.
Quartz Hill is approximately 10km from the Mt Surprise townsite.
ASQ considers the ridge to have potential as a source of lump quartz feedstock for solar silicon metal production.

Table 1: Rock Chip Sample Grades - Quartz Hill


Figure 2: Mt Eliza High Purity Quartz Project, Quartz Hill


Quartz Hill

Figure 2: Mt Eliza High Purity Quartz Project, Quartz Hill


For an update on the drilling activities at Quartz Hill please click here.



Mt Surprise is comprised of a 1.5km quartz ridge. Rock chip samples taken from the Mt Surprise ridge  have returned grades as high as 99.98% SiO2.

Fig 2: Mt Surprise aerial view

Table 2: Rock Chip Sample Grades - Mt Surprise


MT Eliza

Mt Eliza is a 1000m quartz ridge located between Quartz Hill and Mt Surprise within the EPM 26702 tenement.

 Fig 3: Aerial View Mt Eliza, QLD


Rock chip sampling was carried out in the area returning an  SiO2 result of 99.63%.

Table 3: Rock Chip Sample Grades - Mt Eliza