Hard Rock Quartz Projects

Hard Rock Quartz Projects

The Company has  three granted exploration permits in Northern Queensland and one granted exploration licence in Western Australia with known quartz occurrences with the potential to contain high purity hard rock quartz. These leases cover 286km2 in total.

ASQ is looking progress these projects through:

  1. drilling and testwork to prove up JORC resources within the Queensland and Western Australian Projects to determine suitability for quartz export operations, and
  2. research, process flow development, testwork and analysis of the company's quartz assets to determine it's suitability for processing to an ultra pure silica product, (Research & Development Program ).

QUEENSLAND PROJECTS (see Figures 1. and 2. below)


Figure 1: Locations of ASQ hard rock quartz projects


QLD Projects Map

Figure 2: Expanded view of locations of ASQ hard rock quartz projects in North Queensland.  


Research and Development Program - High Purity Silica Quartz 

A Research and Development program has been underway utilising samples collected from the Company’s hard rock tenement package. The program involves combining innovative processing techniques with conventional methods with the aim of producing a high purity product (“HPQ”) from ASQ’s existing prospects. Testwork to date indicates the innovative processing flowsheet developed by ASQ’s HPQ R&D program compares favourably to conventional processing methodology.

See link to Research and Development Program