Darling Range Project

The Company remains committed to the identification and development of high quality bauxite resources throughout the Darling Range, Western Australia, a proven bauxite and alumina producing region.

Resources display low reactive silica and very high available alumina to reactive silica ratios, making them extremely attractive for refining.

The Darling Range in Western Australia remains the largest alumina producing region in the world due to two key features. Firstly the majority of alumina present is the tri-hydrate mineral gibbsite. Alumina from this type of deposit is readily extracted at lower temperatures when compared to mono-hydrate mineral boehmite found in other bauxite regions around the world, and as such refining costs are significantly reduced. Secondly, the bauxite in the Darling Range typically presents at or close to surface allowing for low cost, efficient open pit mining methods.

ASQ and its partners resources are located on large private land holdings (cleared farmland), with close access to road and rail infrastructure. The bauxite is shallow, typically with less than two metres of loose overburden, requiring limited pre-stripping. All attributes indicate potential for the Company’s projects to support long life, low cost bauxite production.
In summary, Darling Range bauxite is:

  • Gibbsitic and as such requires lower temperatures for refining meaning less energy usage
  • Has low reactive silica to available alumina requiring less caustic soda usage and lowering refining costs
  • Typically close to surface , enabling simple cost effective open pit mining
  • Located on large private land holdings predominantly cleared farmland
  • Close to road and rail infrastructure requiring limited capital investment

The Darling Range Project is comprised of the following: